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Why should this Book be Taught in Public & Private Schools, as well at Home Schooling?
Many Statesmen/Women believes that  a Biblical course taught to a student before they graduate high school will make this student a better rounded person.
It has been suggested that :
(1) An elective course on the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and its impact and or elective course on the New  Testament and its impact; or
(2) An elective course that combines both courses described above.

RevelationMan.Com  propose a course studied in Junior or High School is to:
(1) Teach students  the basic knowledge of Biblical Content, character, poetry, and narratives that are prerequisites to understanding contemporary society.  This is Non-Denominational.  Presently it is only being taught on the seminary level to a certain degree.
So currently what is needed, does not exist in our culture, from Jr. and High School.  Yet the Bible is History.  It is a  “History Book” covering from the Creation to the time that the Apostle wrote in AD 96 and even our future.

IF NO Religious subjects are taught in schools, it simply means:

  • Higher Disciplinary problems in schools
  • More Stabbings, Shootings, even Murder
  • Higher Theft….
  • Increased in the use of Illegal Drugs
  • Higher Teen Pregnancy

RESULTS WHICH IS……This produces ….
Lower retention and producing less than qualified students to run this country in the generations to come.  Even for those that are going to traditional church services and teachings, can they answer the questions below?
We know that your students can answer anything about computers iphones, cell and apps….  BUT CAN THEY ANSWER THESE SIMPLE HISTORY QUESTIONS?
1. Name the four (4) Beasts in Daniel’s Dream and tell their meaning?
2. How Long will the Tribulation last and who will not be there?
3. What is the 70th Week of Daniel?
4. Why should you NOT be afraid to study the Book of Revelation?
5. What do you know about the Emperor Domitian?
6. Name the Devilish Trio?
7. Name the Seven Churches and tell their meaning?
8. When did the 1st Century begin?
9. What is  meant by the Crown of Life?
 10. Explain fully the Inquisition and Indulgence Period?
11. Who is Antiochus Epiphanies?
12. Where is the Holy Spirit physically after the Rapture?
13. Name five purposes for the Rapture?
14. Name five qualifications for the Raptured Saints?
15. What is meant by Abomination of Desolation?
16. Who is the rider on the White Horse in Revelation 6:2?
17. What is meant by 666?
18. What are the Trumpet Judgments?
19. Who is the Man-Christ?
20. Name five things the Bible says about the 144,000?