Daniel's Vision

Paul's Rapture



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      This Book has over :

  • 1,036 Pages of Excellent Research Materials found no where else in the World
  • 50 Hand Drawn Pictures to Illustrate the Scripture to full life
  • 82 Pages of Challenging Questions and Answers that will excite you, lesson by lesson to learn
  • 358 Pages of Word Definitions that will describe in details what the Author is saying
  • 28 Specialized Lessons averaging 6,462.6 words per lesson, carefully chosen for your enjoyment
  • 50 Graphs and Charts to help you as a reader to see actually what the scripture is saying
  • 116 Pages of Word Association to help you as a reader to Research  words and immediately find them in this Book
  • 22 Chapters printed in Gold on Black in Old English ready to frame.
  • All in a four volume set.

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