Daniel's Vision

Paul's Rapture



501  (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization

This course has:

  • Over 230 pages, (well researched)
  • Encompass over 19 Management Theories
  • Excellent Leadership Principles
  • Over 50 pages of Glossary finds
  • A well designed Syllabus
  • Over 40 pages of Q&A totalling some 200 + questions

Upon completion, The Student will know:

  • Pitfalls in Management & Leadership
  • How to set Realistic Goals and achieve them
  • How to Handle Depression
  • How to motivate the un-motivated
  • How to select the BEST Team
  • How to win, even in Defeat
  • How to overcome OBSTACLES
  • How to evaluate a Program /Project when it is not working
  • How to excel above your enemies
  • Plus SO MUCH MORE.

This is a MUST have Leadership course.  It is easy to compromise your principles when the odds of winning is great, BUT in the end you will lose.  This Book will show you how to not ever compromise your Biblical beliefs..