Our Vision is to accomplish what only a few churches, organizations and schools have done and that is to make “The Book of Revelation”  and Prophecy simple and easy to comprehend. Most individuals worldwide view this book as “Scared Straight” and it is not for those that will not go through the seven year “Tribulation Period”.  To the sinners, it is a nightmare that not even the movies could make up. Our vision encompasses using this Book as a means to help improve our society, by 1st individualizing it to the man/woman, community and the world.  It can be made available in over twenty-two different languages.

Daniel's Vision

Paul's Rapture


​Make available The Book of Revelation and Prophecy in every area of the world in which it has not been presented, in multiple languages, encompassing all age groups.



501  (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization

​​​                       Vision Statement
“We believe that our communities and the world is suffering from a lack of knowledge about The Book of Revelation and Prophecy”
“We believe that churches and religious organizations on a mass scale have purposely stayed  away from teaching on this Book”, e.g. lack of knowledge, resources, past fears, etc."
“We believe there are many negative myths about this Book and Prophecy as a whole”
“We Believe that at RevelationMan.Com we can change all of the above and make this a better society in which we live, by showing individuals their future, through the Word of God”. (+/-) “Change the present in a positive way and you give the future a brighter outlook”